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Andrew Jukes



“Then Egypt was turned to, and Sarah was denied, till grace restored the wandering pilgrim. And that grace is yet as near as of old.

None can look for it far off or near, and look in vain.

Is a ruined world around us, with monstrous births, gigantic evils, the fruit of strange unions between the sons of God and men;—then an ark is prepared, to admit not only the righteous Noahs, but even for unclean and creeping things, if they will enter it; which shall take them from the world of the curse and of the thorn, to the world of the covenant and the rainbow, beyond the waters.

Is the ruin deeper still—a ruined church, which, brought through the waters, has misused its blessings and exposed its shame; which has bred great hunters, or built great Babels;—God yet remains, and His grace, if sought, is yet enough for every failure, in the world, in the church, in our flesh, or in our ways.

He cannot fail. He grudges nothing. He has freely given His only Son.

In Him are hid for us eternal countless gifts. In Him, the true restorer of all things, we are accepted; and he waits that those things, which are hid in Him for us, may by Him be wrought in us through His Spirit, and if to know His fulness we need to know our emptiness,—if our ruin is the complement of His sufficient grace,—most gladly let us glory in our infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon us.”