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Called Unto the Fellowship of His Son-Contents

Called Unto the Fellowship of His Son – By T. Austin-Sparks

I Highly Recommend
the short Article below, please consider putting in the little time it takes to look at it, then come back and give it a serious read. 
I suggest you start at Chapter 3 – The Process of the Call and go forward or backwards from there.  Please look at all the verses.  IF you are among The Called, you will be glad that you In-Vested the time, Sincerely Marion D. Williams “

Published by Emmanuel Church, Tulsa, OK from original messages given in 1970
A series of addresses given by T. Austin-Sparks. The spoken form has been retained in printing.

This book contains a series of spoken messages given by our brother, T. Austin-Sparks, shortly before he joined that “great cloud of witnesses.” Because he ministered these words at the culmination of a life lived in fellowship with our Lord, we feel that the Lord gave great emphasis and importance to these last words spoken through His devoted servant.

After seeking the Lord in prayer, we felt that these messages should not be lost and that they should be shared with “the Church, which is His Body.”

Therefore, we have sought to retain these messages in their spoken form and have given minimal importance to the grammatical structure. In this way, we hope to preserve the anointing of the Holy Spirit as the Spirit revealed the Mind of God concerning our fellowship with His Son.

May the God of all Glory bless the readers of this book with an adequate apprehension of Christ Jesus, our Lord.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 – The Person of the Call and the Fellowship
Chapter 2 – The People and the Purpose of the Call
Chapter 3 – The Process of the Call
Chapter 4 – The Prospect of the Call
Chapter 5 – The Peril of the Call