Women’s Summit 2018 is Over-See You in 2019!

Thank you all for attending this wonderful Event this year.  All were Blessed, and hopefully those that needed it were healed and Transformed by the Power of The Holy Spirit.  We’ll take some to time to rest and then start planning for Next Year’s Event so please sign up for our Newsletter to stay up to date.  Again, Thank you All, and a special thanks to Tom and  Laura Howell for making their building available, Amazing Grace Fellowship by the Sea.  Love you all, See you Next Year!  Yvonne Williams.

What prompted you to organize this summit and what you hope to achieve through it: I haven’t seen many events in Citrus County designed just for women, so decided to coordinate one and see where it goes by bringing together women from all faiths / denominations in order to find that common thread that binds us all together; not our denomination or our political persuasion.

Those are only walls. I want to work to tear down walls that keep us separated and begin to establish a real bond of sisterhood. The goal is to expand God’s love and compassion by understanding his grace to heal and restore the broken pieces in our lives and ultimately extend that grace to others.

Date and Time: Saturday, March 17th from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Location: Amazing Grace Fellowship by the Sea – 718 Highway 40 West, Inglis, FL 34449

Purpose of this event: While all of God’s creation has a special place in the heart of God, I believe women pull on his heart strings in a different way. Women are life givers, especially of the life of God, and when that life flow is hindered the entire human race suffers. Women have been subjected to some of the most horrendous types of abuse throughout history. Even today, and in some churches, we are still struggling to find that our own God given gifts, talents and abilities were meant to be shared, not denied.

The “God’s Amazing Grace Women’s Summit” has been coordinated with this thought in mind. When women come together, we heal, we become invigorated, we make a difference in our communities and the lives of those we know. For many years, spiritual leaders of all faiths have mentioned “the age of women” and how we are moving into an era of life giving compassion across the world as it comes through the feminine side of humanity.

Does this mean men do not have compassion? Absolutely not. It means that they too are coming alive to who they were created to be; that the compassion of Christ is a beautiful gift and one that is to be cherished and not suppressed. It will begin to flow, so together, we can truly heal a broken world.

9:00 AM Welcome: Yvonne Williams, Women’s Pastor of The Field at Inglis and Co-Founder of Ascension Hill Ministries, Inc.

9:15 – 9:45 Praise and Worship 

9:45 Speaker – Laura Howell, Pastor: God’s Amazing Grace to Deliver

Laura Howell is founder and Co-Pastor of Amazing Grace Fellowship by The Sea which is a multi-denominational church in Florida. She and her husband, Tom, also own a Retreat and Lodge in Homosassa Florida and also reside there on the Homosassa River. She loves to fish and to cook. Prior to coming to Florida in 2012 Laura lived full time for 5 1/2 years in Roxana, Costa Rica as an Evangelist and where they owned a Christian camp used for missions and for groups to use to share and spread the Gospel and The Good News of Jesus Christ. Her heart is all about sharing and teaching “Christ based Recovery” and The Love of Jesus Christ. In 2003 the Good Lord saved her. Laura experienced an instantaneous delivery from 26 years of alcohol and drug abuse. Laura has experienced a miraculous healing and she gives the Lord all glory in every area of her life. She knows experientially what Mark 10:27 tells us: With GOD, ALL things Are POSSIBLE; one of her favorite verses. Laura brings a dynamic message about God’s Amazing Grace.

10:30 Break 

10:45 Speaker – Angela Vick: God’s Amazing Grace to Heal

Angela Vick, Clerk of Court, Citrus County, FL. Angela Vick has called Citrus County home for more than 30 years. Prior to winning the public’s majority vote as Clerk of the Circuit Court and Comptroller in the November 2012 election, Angela worked for the Citrus County Clerk’s office for over 22 years, serving as Chief Deputy Clerk since 2007. January 2017 marked the commencement of Angela’s second term as clerk. Angela will share from personal life experience how God is able to heal from loss.

11:15 Speaker – Minnie Napier: God’s Amazing Grace to Restore

Born and raised in Miami, Florida, Minerva “Minnie” Napier (and her husband Roger) moved to Crystal River in February 2017. Minnie became a believer and was baptized on February 2, 1985, at the age of 21. Now retired from the Napier family’s 53 year old hitch business in Miami, she serves daily as an online missionary with Global Media Outreach. She is also involved with daily Spiritual Food Email Ministry and an online Prayer Warrior Email Ministry. Minnie wholeheartedly believes that every life without Jesus is a mission’s field…and every life with Jesus is a missionary, as Jesus breaks our hearts for what breaks HIS heart. Her heart is helping bring people to life through the Gospel of Jesus Christ by sharing God’s love with them. The Napiers attend First Baptist Church of Crystal River where Minnie takes part in Women on Mission and will be joining other community outreaches this year. Minnie loves to write, cook and loves to be surrounded by nature (the beauty of God’s creation all around). The Napiers LOVE Crystal River and are blessed to be living in this beautiful community. They will both contribute to the Citrus County area by continuing to be a part of the Great Commission.

12:00 to 1:15 LUNCH PROVIDED

1:25 Special Music – Beth Harris

1:35 Speaker – Christina Hallock – God’s Amazing Grace to Love

Christina (Chrissy) Hallock works as a minister, lecturer, useful consultant and PR agent. Her series “The Love Anointing” has reached people all over the world and the United States. Understanding that faith requires love to take action in all Godly endeavors, she shares this to empower Believers. Living in the Tampa Florida area, she travels, as God directs, preaching the good news of God’s love in action whatever state or nations she is sent to. She has written two books, done various visual art projects, directed and produced various promotional venues for ministers who are, or work in the visual arts. She enjoys the humorous wonderful things that God puts in her life. And, she is equally glad she is not God.

2:15 Speaker – Jody Nelson – God’s Amazing Grace to Overcome

3:00 Break

Lieutenant Colonel Jody Nelson commanded the 4th Special Troops Battalion and was deployed for her third time in the war on terror with an entire battalion of soldiers under her guidance. The Special Troops Battalion was deployed to Iraq for an entire year, supporting an Infantry Brigade in combat. LTC Nelson speaks about the preparations that she and her entire battalion have made in their months leading up to deployment in Iraq.

3:15 Speaker – Sherry White – God’s Amazing Grace to Transform

Sherry White Ministries (SWM) became a 501 c3 Non-profit organization in 2006, but the journey began many years before when a broken, single mom gave her life to Jesus. Sherry’s journey is detailed in her autobiography “A Life Worth Living” available through SWM website upon request or at Amazon.com. SWM believes JESUS came to set the captives free and whom the son sets free is free indeed. We believe in the transforming power of God that changes lives. Some of the ministries at SWM are: Lydia’s House, a home/program for women coming out of addiction. www.breakingfreeministry.org. Pioneer Village is a 25-acre farm for family restoration located at 770 Alton Carlton Road Wauchula, Florida 33873. Since 2008 SWM have partnered with a Dominican Pastor helping create and fund an orphanage for girls who are true orphans. Bikes on A Mission is one of the stores where recycled items are sold to help fund the ministry while meeting a need.

4:00 Speaker – Yvonne Williams, Pastor – God’s Amazing Grace to Forgive

Yvonne Williams is the Co-Pastor at The Field in Inglis, a non-denominational church with a focus on discipleship, deeper Bible study, and an outreach to “the least of these”. Prior to beginning AHM with husband, Marion, the couple spent 14 years in the anti-human trafficking field coordinating national conferences; co-hosted a television program, TIANow; served as coordinator for National Educators to Stop Trafficking; trained law enforcement and first responders; served as Master of Ceremonies for the 2013 Human Trafficking Prayer Rally in Washington, DC. She has traveled the USA speaking at conferences, churches, colleges and universities and other venues including the United Nations. Yvonne is an author of 9 books and a children’s series titled, Anna’s Friends: Discovering Your Child’s Motivational Gifts, and a screenwriter of A Dance for Bethany a 4-time award winning feature film about a 12-year-old runaway rescued out of a life of sex slavery and into her dream of becoming a dancer. She is the author of 9 books and Anna’s Friends, a children’s book series. She is a contributing writer to the book: Human Trafficking from a Feminist and Transnational Feminist Perspective, and featured in a Hollywood Feature Film Documentary about Human Trafficking in Florida to be aired in 2017, produced by Ralph Guzzo, Directed by Ben Brothers.

4:45 Time of Ministry